Barbara Lehrman Weinberg

Barbara Lehrman Weinberg was born to be an artist. Rose Herman Lehrman affectionately described her daughter, Barbara, as "the child that was born with a paint brush in one hand and a colored pencil in the other."

Barbara studied at Northwestern University, Harvard and Dickinson College. In recent years, despite life threatening heath challenges, she has never lost her inspiration to paint and teach. Her passion for artistry and joy of life is reflected in each classic painting.

One knowledgeable and highly respected art critic, teacher, and judge of art competitions said that Barbara L. Weinberg has a “signature style” and that these works of art are better than the paintings of Raoul Dufy, some of which reside in museum collections. He indicated her floral paintings are unique, “quite handsome jewels.”

Barbara is a “colorist” who has perfected her watercolor skills in a most marvelous way.  Little wonder that when her work is seen the viewer exclaims, “Happy.” One collector who purchased this collection of seven pieces sight unseen wrote to say “wonderful.”  He was thrilled.

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